Do not let the life wear you out or grind you up

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Do not let the life wear you out or grind you up.
(Field of dreams)

Don't lose/forget the child inside of you.
Don't lose hope.

Remember how happy you were when you were a kid?
Do not forget/lose that.

Stay playful. :)
Don't stop dreaming.
Nothing is impossible.
The only thing stopping you is you. Don't.
You have no limits.
Do not be afraid to try. You are not aware of what you are able/capable to do.
Do not be afraid of the opportunity when it comes. Do not fear it. When it is waiting for you.
You can do it. You are not aware, what awesome things you are capable of.
(Until you try, and succeed. Or fail and try again, or at least learn something :)
You cannot fail God. He knows how many tries you will need :)
Even if you fail, it is not unsuccessful if you tried.
Or you might just succeed. :) But, do not be afraid to try.

You can still be serious and playful, when needed.