Things to do the often

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Things to do the often, or in the morning and in the evening:

Love yourself.

Love your body.
Look in to your eyes in the mirror and say:
Say it every morning, every day:
I love my body. My body is beautiful. My body is perfect.
My body is healthy.
I LOVE my body.
I LOVE myself.
I am healthy.
I love this planet Earth.

Smile to your self :)

Imagine your perfect self. See him/her in the mirror :)

Be around water, in the nature, and drink water.
Purify water, food, and your surroundings with your thoughts.
Soon purify the planet pollution? :)
Imagine drinking from the spring in the nature, surrounded by woods.

Exercise your face muscles.

Bring the light inside of you.
Going through your body, and coming out down to Earth.
Coming out at the plexus, and creating shield around your body. (From Bringers of the Dawn.)

Imagine surrounded by light, energy from God. Sun beams from the Sun.
Surrounded in a ball of light, laughing, being happy. Like swimming in it.
See a child, laughing.

Point light at the specific part if body, to heal it.
Visualize your body constantly, refreshing and repairing itself with, or by light.
In the morning. For the rest of the day.
In the evening. For the rest of the night.
During the day.
During the night.

Refresh. Repair. Say it.

Love yourself. You are a #1. (From Bringers of the Dawn.)
You cannot love others until you learn to love yourself.

You are taught you will get old.
It does not have to be so.

Visualize your body at 18 years old.
Say: My body is young, strong and healthy.
Choose the age you want your body to be.
Create this reality with your thoughts.
Know this to be right.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Visualize light going through your body.
Through your veins. Your bones.
Visualize your body of light.

Or, imagine a device repairing your body with a ray of light. Like a tricoder :)
Replacing dead cells, or those that did not self-replicate correctly, with a new ones. :)

Your mind can change energy. Matter is energy slowed down. Matter is dense. Energy is light.

We create (our own) reality.
Meditate. Relax. Think what you want to do this day. Which direction you want to go.
Create your future. With your thoughts.
What would you like to create/do today. to this day? :) make it smile ? :) say: yes!
Move into the happy zone :)

Some other things to do often:
Remember to breathe. In, wait 3 sec, out, wait 3 sec. Repeat 10 times.
Relax. Put yourself in a happy, relaxed state.
Move into happy zone.

Try to spend some time in the nature, or with some peaceful animals.
Sitting on the ground, or in the sun, or touching water, or breathing fresh air.
Emerged/touching the four elements, earth, wind, fire, and water.
Don't put yourself in fire, though :)

Create filter or a shield around you that protects you from bad energy.
With your thoughts.
This is useful for empaths.
More info, also filters or shields text.

Visualize your wings. Like an angel wings. Spread and wave them. Imagine them lifting you of the ground. :)
Smile. :)

Keep your self in light. Enlightened :)
Visualize body refreshed and repaired. Strong and healthy. As often as possible.

What do you see when you close your eyes?
And, do you still dream of flying?