breaking up is never easy

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If girl breaks up with you, it does not necessarily mean you are not good enough for her.
Maybe she wants something else. Vanilla and chocolate are both good, though different.
Maybe she is in point in life, when she cannot be with someone. Or she needs someone, or something else.

Don't judge a man till you have walked a mile in his shoes.

"Breaking up is never easy"
Maybe it was difficult for her to break up with you, too...

So be kind to her. Though you are parting ways, it does not mean you have to stop being friends, and see eachother when walking by, or talking from time to time.
It does not mean you should stop being friends.
It does not mean you should stop being friend to her.
It does not mean you should stop talking to her, or be embarrassed to/when you see her.
She is still the girl she has always been :). Remember that.
If she does not want you as a love, if she does not see you as lover, perhaps you can still be friend to her.
(Unless she says I don't (ever) want to see you again. In that case, apologize, and walk away.)

Maybe she needs a friend now.

Girl will miss you, if you have been good friend to her.
So when she says: "I hope we can still be friends", she probably means it.
It does not mean: I want to hurt you even more with these words, (as some men hear it :)

Maybe she wants you to go on with your life.