How not to worry

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We usually worry because we are afraid of losing something.
When there is worry, there is usually fear hidden near.
There is no need for fear.
Everything happens for a reason.
There is a reason you are here now, doing what you are doing.
Worry = fear.

Do not worry about material things. They will all perish in time anyway. Disintegrate.

People :)

A worries what B thinks of him.
B worries what A thinks of him

So A does not think about B, nor B thinks of A. Some people only worry about themselves :)
People don't think about others. They think of themselves.

People you worry about, would not want you to worry about them.
Like people you love and care about, and people who feel the same way about you.

Do you even remember, why you were worried yesterday? Does it matter today at all?

Why don't you just skip the worrying part, and move to tomorrow? :)
Skip the worrying part, and save your self. The heartache. And pain and annoyance.

Sometimes we see opportunities as a problem.
Even a problem can be a chance to learn.
Say to yourself. I am able to do this.
This will be interesting opportunity to learn and experience something new.
Smile. Smile breaks fear.
Do not be afraid.
Believe in yourself.
You are not aware of all the power you posses , all the things you can do.

Believe you can do it. Prepare well. Tell your self this will be easy and beautiful.
And interesting new experience. :)

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
from Bible

So we are left with a PRESENT :)

Avoid stressful events, stress triggers, or convert them to non stressful ones. Laughing at them can help relieve stress.
You can repair your body, if it was hurt by stress. It is simple. Just imagine yourself bathing in light coming from God.
Light is repairing your body and soul. Keep doing this from time to time. Or all the time.

Here are some ways to relieve stress:
So when you are feeling down:
Gym, video games, running, box practice.
Sing, dance, laugh, love.
It helps if you have someone to love. A person or an animal, like a cat.

Every time you feel stress, remember to start to heal you.
So you will turn stress into to alarm clock for healing. :)

How to Raise your Vibrational Frequency! by morningmayan

Do not let the stream of life carry you. You choose the destination and the way to get there.

You are the ship commander.
Set the direction, and the goal.
Do not be afraid to take command.
Do not be afraid.

You can solve the problem. But what you should do, is remove the cause for stresss.
Make the plan to solve the problem, and execute it.
That is all there is to it.
Create steps, then follow them one by one.

Do not get too attached to this life drama. It is just a video game :). Sort of.
from "Bringers of the Dawn"

Helps to avoid the stress. :)