How to access universal repository of knowledge

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How to access universal repository of knowledge

-imagine light coming to you. From the Sun. Light is the knowledge. however to receive it, you have to be on a high enough frequency. Like a radio dial, sort of.
-and a stream of energy from. From the Sun.

-increase your frequency:

-How to Raise your Vibrational Frequency! by morningmayan

-stop eating meat. or lower meat intake.
fish is ok?

-no sugar

-try to use natural shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste. look up recipes.

-listen to more classical music (if you like classical music :) ). no violent, angry music. no coarse vibrations. music with joy & love :)

-don't watch tv, don't read news. If its important you ll hear it.
tv=adds, no time to think=make people like zombies :) , violence, war, anxiety, other people's lives=soap operas, fear. not enough love on tv. should be more love around.
news=violence, add, stupid things about other people lives.

-no ego. now anger, no afraid, no insulted.

-smile. love.

-no stress. smile instead.