How to defeat fear and stress

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-Your first response should be laughter, not worry.
No one has ever changed anything by worrying.

-Breathe in, breathe out (streess)
Breathe in (peace, )
Breathe out (unpeace, stress )

-In light
When under stress, imagine yourself swimming in the light, laughing.
In the ball of light. Or pool.

-Remember who you are
Look yourself in the mirror. You are strong. And beautiful.
"Stop playing being a victim."

-Stress simulator, defeating stress
Re-visualize stressful situations in your head until they are not longer stressful.
Or feared of.
Re-visualize them in your own private stress-less simulator. :)
Laughter, and choosing another point of view, might help... :)

-Face your fear/cause of stress
Find the cause of the stress or fear.
What is the worst that could happen, anyway?
Don't be addicted to material things. You own them, they don't own you.
Other people? They are adults, they make their own choices in life.

-You can solve the problem. Remove the cause for stresss.
Make the plan to solve the problem, and execute it.
That is all there is to it.
Create steps, then follow them one by one.

Otherwise, tension and stress, and frustration, and (unsolved) problems tend to build up, in your subconsciousness, to form an illness in your body organs. Like tiny knots of bad, stopped/blocked energy?
Like tension builds sometimes in your muscless. Then, you need a massage :)
So breathe it out. Also write it out (for example, in a form of journal, or just write it on the paper), or say it out (loud.)

-Drink green tea, to detoxify your body.
-Remember to rince/brushe your teeth afterwards.

-Here are some ways to relieve stress:
So when you are feeling down:
Gym, video games, running, box practice.
Sing, dance, laugh, love.
It helps if you have someone to love. A person or an animal, like a cat.

-If nothing else helps, think about changing your job/line of work.
It is not the end of the world. And your health is worth more than your job.
But, this has to be your decision, and it is often better to find a new job, and THEN to
quit the old one. :)
-Make a new rule. Do not think about work, when you are at home.

-There is also option of digging a hole, and speaking your problems and frustration to the Earth, who will convert it to the positive energy.
And cover the hole.

-Workout helps, too.

-Women live longer because they talk about their problems.
Men don't.

So before you go to sleep, talk to someone or speak outloud, about things
that might make you nervous.
You will feel lighter.
Release negative energy from you.

-To every problem, there is a solution. When you look back, you will think how silly of me to worry like that.
So try to skip to that part in time when the problem is solved.
Do not let your body get hurt by bad emotions. You need your body in this environment. Like deep sea divers need their diving suit.
Do not worry. Worrying has never changed anything.
Do not allow your body to get nervous. Just say: NO.

-You cannot die. Your body can die, but your soul is eternal.
Dolphins know this. That is why they are so joyful.

It is like if your car won't work any more. It does not mean the driver is gone.

Everything that happens in this life is more like a video game. You get experience, and move on.
You cannot really be hurt, just like you cannot really be hurt while playing the video game.
It looks real, but that is the point of virtual reality. To make it look like it's real.

So you have to think out of the running program, out of the running game. Out of the box.
To look beyond. Raise your eyes up, and see the beauty that surrounds you.
The point of this game is to experience what life is like.
Your emotions are not supposed to end your game, or hurt your body :).

Remember always, especially when you have some problem,
- you will find a solution to the problem
- keep connection to your higher self. keep connection to the light.
- just as you are not your car, when you drive it, you are not your body. You are a spirit. Experiencing life. So do not worry.
Smile. Be happy :)

I am talking about anger, anxiety, fear, worry.
Remember, "only love is real, everything else is an illusion". :) (David Icke)

Don't worry, love instead. :)

-Is it really that important, the thing you were so stressed about?
When you look back, is there anything that really was worth being stressed?

-Did it help you were stressed back then? Do you think it would help now? No.
So do not worry.

-We are all one. You are part of the whole world. The whole world is part of you.
If you make a mistake it is not that bad. Nobody is perfect. Just do your best.

Note: You are doing this at your own responsibility.
I am not a doctor.