How to have kids or get pregnant?

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How to have kids or get pregnant?

Face your fears.
Tell yourself: "So what if we don't have a kid. It's not the end of the world."
Don't let the fear paralyzes your body, and your partner.

Relax, and have fun.
Try to have sex without getting pregnant.
Without the pressure. Maybe drink a little wine to loosen the spirits. And with lots of love.

"You know, baseball is a thing that if you push too hard...
you get exactly the opposite of what you're trying for."
-"This time, swing to miss."
-"Okay. That's easy."
from the movie "Three Wishes (1995)"

So, don't push to hard. :)

Pray. Play. Dance.
Visualize your family, with a kid, smiling, being happy.

Visit bioenergetic practitioner. Sometimes there is a block in a flow of energy. Or not :)
Sometimes a massage can help. Acupuncture? Massage?

It is not your fault, just as having particular eyes color is not your fault.

You can always adopt :). Many kids need parents.
Smile. Enjoy your life. Having a child is not the only thing in the world. :)
Who knows, maybe when you stop trying ... you will get a surprise ;)