How to lower car fuel consumption

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How to lower car fuel consumption

-speed up before hill, not on the hill
-no more than 50-59 km/h the city. lower speed=lower air resistance.
-shift to lower gear when see red light 100m ahead
-keep rpms down, shift gears early. Bit not too early, you might damage your car.
-look up if there is red light 100 meters ahead of you.
-if yes, shift to lower gear, and let the car slowdown.
-don't accelerate too fast.

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how to measure your car fuel consumption?
-fill your tank
-reset km counter
-drive till 3/4 empty. not empty all the way.
-refuel tank. Write down how much you filled, or look in invoice
Calculate. Here is howto example:
You refilled 34 liters. Your counter shows 500km.
34/500=0.68 . Your car uses 6.8 litres per 100 km.

Of course, in a perfect world, people would drive electric car.
But then there would be nothing to sell. No oil, no spare parts, no filters...