How to practice easy body-building, and lose weight.

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How to practice easy body-building

Find plastic bottles 2.5 liters.
Fill them with water.
After each meal, wait 10 min or so, then lift them up and down 15 times, while breathing normally.
Lift them sideways about 5 times. Spread your arms to each side. Connect them above your head.
Breathe deeply.

You can also do this while watching movies. Even in bed. (1st exercise).

If you dont eat meat, you will not have fat on your stomach, and muscles will be more visible.
Fish is ok.

If you don't eat meat, remember to eat various vegetables, and have vitamins, to stay healthy.
Consult your nutritionist, or a doctor, or search the net. See here.

Here is an interesting site. You don't have to have muscles that big, it is more about healthy eating and healthy eating habits.

"You cant lose weight eating one or two meals a day, it puts your body in starvation mode and lowers your metabolism. You need 3-6 meals a day."
I agree completely. :)

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