What do girls like?

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Most girls like:
-guys taking initiative. Ask first, or offer help, ...
-guys with manners (open door, hold a chair)
-self confidence - but not too much
-not talking too much about themselves
-not trying to feel girls with their hands on the first date.
-showing interest in more than just a girl's look. What does she do, what does she like?

-guys listening to girls. (Without trying to solve their problems)
-guys remembering important dates, like birthdays, anniversaries. (Use address book with reminder.)
-guys remembering what girls say. Their likes and dislikes.

-guys being (a little) jealous. For girls, this is a proof of love.
-guys not looking at girls breasts during conversation
-guys not checking out others girls as they walk by.
-guys offering help. With work, and in the house.

-protective guys - who would offer jacket to keep her warm on a cold day.
-guys with a sense of humor. That does not mean sprouting jokes all the time. And when things are important to be serious.
-truth about relation ship, even if it might hurt.
-they like to see a guy make an effort - cook a dinner, plan a date.
(you shouldn't say I dont know where shall we go, but if you do, offer places/plans. )

-they dont like guys cheating on them. (Kinda obvious)
-they dont like guys being late, or unreliable. (Honor a promise)

-they like guys showing emotions, but not crying all the time.
-strong shoulder to lean on. (from time to time :) )

-they like it when guys hug/hold her. Tight. But not so tight she can't breathe.
-Some phrases can make her feel a lot better, if she feels sad/hurt:
-"It will be ok."
-"Don't worry."
-"It's gonna be allright."
-"We'll get through this together."

Which makes sense. These are the things you would like to hear when you are down, too.

And of course: "I love you". They need to hear that every every hour of every day. And it's ... nice :)
As with everything, say it only if you really mean it.

-guys pretending they are something they are not, so they can charm a girl. :)
So guys, don't be something you are not, just to impress the girl.
Change has to come from the inside, not from the outside.
Otherwise it is only make-believe, and it's only temporary.