What to do when dumped by a girlfriend

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Move on. That is probably what she would've wanted.

It didn't work between you two, so she had to move on.
She has to find her match, and till she does, she will keep searching.
She had her reasons to do it, it is nothing personal.

Move on. Walk it off. :)

You are not the first or the last couple to break up.
You are not the first or the last, to dump, or to be dumped by someone.
You have exited a relationship.

Be nice to her. It is difficult when you have to break up with someone.
You will see it yourself.
You might have to leave someone someday, then you will understand.
It is nothing personal. It just happens sometime.

As funny as it seems, "I hope we can still be friends", is the one/only thing you can say.
Try to stay friends/on friendly terms, if possible.
Her intension was NOT to hurt you, but to free herself from the relationship that did not work.
Her intension was NOT to hurt you. Unfortunately, every severing of the connections hurt.
In time it will become ... manageable :)


Your frequencies change. Just like your taste in music change. You were not at the same frequency. Same wave length.
So she had to move on. You have to. And find a new partner. Who is waiting for you. Maybe :)