how to use openstreetmap in garmin gps

(You can also download maps from osm site. somewhere.)
-go to 
-zoom to area you want to use. 
-click on export
-format to export=OpenStreetMap XML Data 
-click on export
-save map.osm.xml in c:\download

-download latest version from
 currently it is:

-unzip to c:\mkgmap
-copy map.osm.xml from c:\download to c:\mkgmap
-cd c:\mkgmap
-right click/paste in command window:

mkgmap.jar  --route --road-name-pois  map.osm.xml

or alternative: mkgmap.jar --net --route --country-name=Bosnia --road-name-pois --utf8 map.osm.xml
(if you want to use maps for more than one state, enable option ignore bounds or something.)

rename 63240001.img to GMAPPROM.IMG or to gmapsupp.img.
if gmapsupp.img exists on your sdcard in \garmin\ dir move it to new folder.
Copy img file from c:\mkgmap to garmin dir on sdcard.


cd C:\mkgmap
del GMAPPROM.IMG 63240001.img
mkgmap.jar  --route --road-name-pois map.osm.xml
move 63240001.img GMAPPROM.IMG

note: you can enter name of your country instead of Bosnia.
Currently I cant use "find address" which --country-name is suppose to fix.
you can use Where to/ points of interest to find address.

usefull links: