How to make dvd from mkv/mp4/divx

to increase audio volume (currently not possible in dvd styler), (optional):
use ffmpeg to increase volume to 2x,
choose audio mp2, 320k
video vcopy 

to create dvd iso, (or audio video ts folders if you wish)
use dvdstyler 
video bitrate - auto
audio bitrate 192, or 160 (not much difference)
set format pal, aspect 16:9 (check in original file, audio mp2 48khz)
-select template
and enter Caption at the top. (caption will be displayed in the dvd menu)

Drag each video and subtitle to to bottom of the screen. (dont change to ntsc)
right click on it, and select properties.
set subtitle language, click on ... and select charset (for serbian it is cp1250)

back in the main window
-right click on "play all" and select properties, in subtile combo select 'track 1',
to have subtitle displayed automatically, when dvd is played.
-click on burn, and select just generate to test it with vlc, or mpc-hc

-Select create iso image, if you plan to burni it to dvd later, or folder if you wish to preview in vlc first. 
 (or in mpc-hc)
-dvd size is around 4.5 gB

-sometimes in vlc, background picture in menu, is not displayed properly, or in mpc-hc subs are not displayed.
you can ignore background issue in vlc, and if subs work in vlc, 
they should work in dvd standalone unit, too

make sure you change disc caption if you make dvd 1, then dvd 2 ... (so they don't all have same caption when you
put them in dvd.)

you can burn iso using img burn.

if your input file is audio in mp2, or maybe mp3 too, it will not have to 
be recoded, which mean it will go faster. 
recoding audio in mp2 gives lover quality, but is much faster.
Dont go below 1000 kbits for video. even 1700k is borderline.

(I ve tested dvd flick, it's too slow in encoding.)

This info should probably be improved, sorry.