How to convert movies from digital camera to divx

(type-1 and type-2 video) or DV video.
(Source: newsgroups)

Use your render application to get file from camera to pc.
You should have this program installed from the cd you got with camera.
Remember to turn on your camera while doing this.

Download Virtualdub: Use File/Open to open video file.
Use File/Append do add next file to the previous, if you have more
than one file.

In menu select:
Video/Direct stream copy. Audio/Direct stream copy.
File/Save as. Enter "save.avi" Remember directory where you saved.

Download gulmencoder: or, and mencoder:

Unzip both to c:\gulmencoder, so you have c:\gulmencoder\mencoder.exe
and c:\gulmencoder\ezyencoder.exe in windows explorer.
Open ezyencoder.exe. Drag and drop save.avi file from Windows explorer.

Set "video bitrate to" 1000 or 1200. Press go. Program has finished when
you see message "press any key to continue", and when numbers stop changing.
Press enter or some other key.

You shoud have your "enc-save.avi" file in the same dir as "save.avi" file.
MUCH smaller file. If you haven't install or

Double click file to play.

You might need dv codec for virtualdub, such as this
(Unzip, right click on PANADV.INF file and select install.)