windows xp, create Microsoft Reader .lit files

Download Readerworks standard.

Download Microsoft Reader (You don't have to activate it.)

Save text as html or doc
Open Text in or MS Word.

Change font from "Times New Roman" to Verdana, size 11.

Set text alignment to justified:
Click on Format/Alignment/justified,
or click on text icon for "Justified", which is near "bold" and "italic" icons.

Change title if you want (File/Properties.)
Save it as .doc or html.
File/save as "html document (.html)", or .doc

Convert text to .lit

Open "Overdrive Readerworks Standard"
Click ok on "Quick Start"
Click on "Add" button
You can change "Title" if you want. Under properties. Click on title to change it.
To build a book, click on File/Build eBook, or click on colored wheels.
Click next, finish.

You can change font size under "Settings", in  Microsoft Reader.