Keep firefox data folder password protected.


Download firefox portable

Install it to c:\apps\firefoxportable.

Unzip files from to c:\apps\firefoxportable, so you have
c:\apps\firefoxportable\zip.exe, etc.

Start firefox.
Set it the way you want. Open windows you want, install addons, like fireftp if you want.
Go to menu: tools/options/general
Set "when firefox starts" to "show my windows and tabs from last time"

Clear history to make archive smaller (optional):
-Tools/"clear recent history", Time range: "everything". 
-Select all except "cookies"
-Click on "clear all" button.

Exit firefox.

Start "1_create_zip_backup.vbs".
Enter the password you wish to use. Twice.

To use firefox in private mode  click on "2_start_firefox_private.vbs"
When finished close firefox.
Note: firefox will not save changes during surfing. To do that use 3_edit_firefox_private.vbs.

To edit saved sesssion start 3_edit_firefox_private.vbs
Firefox will save changes you did during surfing.

Note: "2_start_firefox_private.vbs" creates data/profile.old dir. This is your old data folder, before you were using private_firefox.
After you close firefox, "profile" dir is deleted, "profile.old" is renamed to "profile".
If private_firefox is interrupted, delete data/profile, and rename data/profile.old to data/profile.

I did not make zip.exe and unzip.exe, they are part of infozip.

changes in v1.0a
-create copy of when start 3_edit_firefox_private.vbs
 Format is