How to use mobile gprs-edge modem on pc, and share internet connection

Install usb modem

Plug in huawei e170 usbmodem card to your pc.
It should be added as a new modem, and optical storage drive.

Install drivers from newfound cd drive.

To check if it installed correctly: 
right click on "my computer", manage/device manager.
Click on + in front of modems.

Create profile

Link to mobile partner program should appear on desktop.
Click on it.
when you click on tools/device, you should be able to select your modem device.

To create new profile go to:
profile name: mtel (or whatever you want)
apn/static=mtelfun (mtelfun is for my provider, check with yours.)
access number=*99#

Click connect on main window to test your connection.
(make sure you disable your "local area network" network connection, if you have
broadband Internet connection)
Disconnect mobile connection.

Set up "Internet connection sharing".

Right click on "my network places"on the desktop, then click on "properties" .

Right click on mtel, then click on "properties" .

In "general"/"connect using" select: "huawei modem"
Go to "advanced"/"internet connection sharing"/"allow other network users"=yes.
Select  name of local area connection. usually: "Local area connection".

Connect "Internet pc"<->switch<->"other pc" using regular net cable (aka "patch")

Or "Internet pc"<->other pc, using crossover lan cable.
It is a sort of shortcut type of cable, for connecting 2 PC directly together. 
Most cables are "patch" type, though.