How to connect windows xp and windows 95 using serial or parallel (lpt) cable, with direct cable connection program


-Set up new user:
control panel/users, create user with username: share, and password: share.

-Set workgroup to "workgroup"
Right click on my computer/properties/computer name.
if workgroup is not "workgroup", click on change, to change its name.

-Share some folder: 
Right click on folder/sharing/share this folder/

(You will see this only if "simple file sharing" is disabled. 
Don't allow network users to change your files)

-Create new serial connection:
network connections/file / new connection /set up advanced/connect directly/host/direct parallel LPT1/select users: share, guest

-Allow connection without password:
right click on my network places/properties
right click on incoming connections/properties/users
make sure "always allow directly connected devices" is checked

Win 95: -Change user to "share": start/shut down/"close all programs and logon as a different user" enter username: share leave password blank, if you do not want to have to type in password every time computer starts -Setup network: control panel/network/ primary network logon: windows logon. (you can enable file and printer sharing if you want.) -Install tcp ip: control panel/network/add/protocol/add/microsoft/tcp ip -Setup workgroup name: control panel/network/identification, set workgroup to "workgroup" -Create connection: start/programs/accessories/direct cable connection guest / parallel cable on lpt1/ finish. -Connect cables, click on direct cable connection. if you get : cannot find host computer, dont worry. -Click on network neighborhood to see files. it might take a while. when prompted for password, enter "share", without quotes. -Optional: copy link on desktop: right click on "start", explore, copy programs/accessories/direct cable connection to desktop.