How to make CuneiForm portable:

Info from:

CuneiForm OpenOCR
- Author: Cognitive Technologies
- Web site:
- international download page point to
- release:
- license: BSD
- Softpedia:
- Wikipedia:
- tips: download the english version because it's multilanguage
- direct download link:


-Download it.
-Make text file in the notepad and rename it to register.bat.
With just one line:
regsvr32 "%~dp0APuma.dll"

Put it in the main dir, the one where is APuma.dll.
When you want to copy it another computer, copy whole dir.
Right click on register.bat, select "Run as administrator". There you go.
To unregister, create file unregister.bat:

regsvr32 "%~dp0APuma.dll"

which will unregister dll.

There is also dll, which has sample application (Puma.Net.Sample.exe) in it.

There is a version with all this done here:!434