relational database, quick quide using openoffice org base, part 1

Create tables using wizard: 
from sample table "Customers", add fields: 

-"set primary key": "use an existing field as primary key"/"Fieldname"="CustomerID" 
"auto value"=on 

-from sample table "Tasks", add fields: 
and from sample table "Customers", add field: 

-"set primary key": "use an existing field as primary key"/"Fieldname"="TaskID" 
"auto value"=on 

Set relationship: 
tools/relationship: Customers.CustomerID -> Tasks.CustomerID 

Creating forms: 
Forms/use wizard to create form 
From Tasks table add all items 
Exit form. 

Edit forms to show custom fields: 

Right click on "Tasks" form, click edit 
Right click on CustomerID 
Replace with=listbox 
Right click on CustomerID/column 
"Type of list contents"=Sql 
"List content", click on "...", add Customers table 
(here we set display to show company name first instead of just company id.) 

field cell=CompanyName 
table cell=customers 

column next to it 
field cell=CustomerID 
table cell=customers 

Make sure CompanyName is first, then CustomerID. 

Save. Close 
Save form. close. 

(optional: if you want to display one record per page, 
on "5. Arrange controls" part of form wizard, select one of the "columnar" form layout. 
also, later when editing: 
right click on group (text + text field), group/ungroup 
right click on text field, control/properties, general/dropdown=yes.) 

And finally, using form: 
Add at least two rows in "customers" table using "tables" tool. 
(just click on tables in left panel, then on customers in right panel) 

You can add more data using "Tasks" form. 

You can create another form for adding more customers. 

Optional: Reports and query: 
-Query, use wizard: 
add from tasks table: Description 
add from Customers table: CompanyName 
(you can choose whichever you want.) 

Edit query: Customers.CustomerID -> Tasks.CustomerID 
so you do not have double display 

use query as source. 

what is relational database?