relational database, part2, adding more fields to customers table

Click on "Tables" in left panel 
right click on "Customers" form, "edit" 
click below "CompanyName", enter "Phone". Save, close 

Now to display phone in "Tasks" form: 

Click on "Forms" in left panel 
right click on "Task" form, "edit" 
right click next to "CustomerID" 
Insert Column/List Box 
Right click on "Col1", "Column" 
"Name"="Phone", "Label"="Phone". (Could be anything, though.) 
"Enabled"="No". (It will be updated semi automatically . You dont want to change this manually. If you use dropdown=yes, (for one record per page), you can enable it, and set it to read only.) 
Click on "Data" tab. 
"Data field"="CustomerID" (because we are showing index key from customers table, just selected to display column named "phone" first.) 
"Type of list contents": "Sql" 
"List content": click on button with "..." markings. 

add Customers table 
(here we set display to show phone first instead of just company id.) 

field cell=Phone 
table cell=Customers 

column next to it 
field cell=CustomerID 
table cell=customers 

Make sure Phone is first, then CustomerID. 

Save. Close 
Save form. close. 

Using forms: 

Add some phone numbers in "customers" table using "tables" tool. 
(just click on tables in left panel, then on customers in right panel). 

When you open "Task" form again, you will have phones displayed too. 
when you change company, phone number will change when you go to next record (hence semi auto  

to add address, repat the process, just use "Address" keyword instead of "Phone" 

if you want both forms (customers and tasks) in the same page, select "subform" when creating new form using wizard. 
If you want to have all data displayed from second table at once, do not select linked subform. 

To search, create new query, add all 
Don't forget to set relations. (Right click on query, "edit", connect "CustomerID" in two tables.) 
You can use search in query. 

in table tasks, we added CustomerID, but it could be named something else, different from name of ID key in customers table. 
phone type of data by default is varchar, but you can select number if you want. 

more info on relational database: