How to copy random file to alarm mp3 using scriptmanager on android.

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script manager:

Here is what works for me, on MIUI v6 Dev Rom, on Redmi 2.

Lines starting with # are comments, and are ignored in the script.
To activate them, delete # at the beginning of the text line.
Don't touch "#!/system/bin/sh" line!

Move mp3 files to /sdcard/Media/Music folder.  
-creates list of mp3 files on device, 
-run seldom, after you add more music to your device.

#search inside one artist subfolder , if you wish, "Artist/" must be complete folder name.
#match filename if you wish, will NOT match path. Case sensitive, no -iname option.
busybox find $musicdir"$pathstring" -name $filestring'*.mp3' > $listfile
busybox wc -l $listfile, 
-copies random file to /sdcard/Media/random.mp3
-set to run in the morning (at boot), using phone settings. Or every 6 hours. Or every 12 hours.

# count number of files
numrows=$(grep -c ".*" $listfile)
# generate random number in range 1-NUM
# max number is around 32000
let "numrnd=(${RANDOM} % ${numrows})+ 1"
#echo Random number is $numrnd
sourcemfile=$(busybox sed -n "${numrnd}p" < $listfile)
echo $sourcemfile
# copy 
cp "$sourcemfile" $destmfile