How to free space on android

Download 'ES file explorer'
Select in the left menu: 'tools', 'sd card analyst'

Make sure 'show hidden files is on'

Delete files you do not need, or rename folder to something else if you are not sure. Test apps in question.

Delete folder sdcard/viber/media/.stickers (around 20mb)
Create file .stickers

Also check /sdcard/android/obb

Delete 'google play store' app data and cache, and 'googla play services' app data and cache
This also helps if play store says 'cannot install app', and you have enough space.
Check free space in Android settings/storage.

To disable auto update of apps in play store:
Disable wifi. 
Start google play store. 
Select settings, or click on menu in the upper left corner.
Click on text: 'auto - update apps'.
Select 'do not auto update apps'.
Enable wifi if you wish.