Android tips

Kies (Samsung desktop application) does not see my phone?
go to settings/app/development=on, settings/app/development=on, reconnect to pc.
Some like "My phone explorer" program, too.

File transfer stops?
Don't forget to set back, when you are done, to preserve battery.

I see instead of
Enter web address about:useragent, set to desktop.
You can also try about:config.
(There should also be setting to change to desktop: internet / settings somwhere)

I get voice narrative when I get message. I want to turn it off.
Settings/Voice input and output/Text to speech settings/Driving Mode=off

Battery drains fast.
Watchdog, bloat freezer (I haven't tried them). Batter monitor widget.
Try phone update.
You should not turn off phone while it is installing update.

How to install app?
Copy .apk file to (root folder) of sd card. Click to install.

How to uninstall app?
Settings, manage applications/force stop(if applicable)/uninstall
(You can try click and hold, and then move to trash, but it won't work if app is still running.)