how to to setup raid on ibm system x using megaraid webbios

I would like to say that lsi webbios megaraid setup is total crap. 
It is slow and unintuitive. Look on asus or gigabyte mb, how to create
fast, usable raid setup bios.

ibm system x raid setup

system settings
pci / card lsi

click on drive underlined on the right
make unconf good

You can try using wizard to clear configuration.
Or using reset option on drives.

As a result drive status should be unconf good. :), which means they are ready to be configured.

After they are unconf good, you can set drive(s) with lsi webbios, or leave them be, and use 
ibm server guide to setup raid, install drivers, etc. 
If you do use ibm server guide, and have one hdd, use option "controler default" in ibm server guide. In the part of setting

Or if you use lsi webbios for setup:
conf. wizard.
(do not use auto config. Also, redundancy option matters only when using
 auto config)
add drives to group
add to span
create raid 0
(keep cache off)

fast init
set boot drive