How to split files on linux

This is windows example:

cd to folder where 7z.exe is.:
cd /d d:\apps\7-Zip

Create archive:
D:\apps\7-Zip>7z a -mx=0 -t7z -v1g d:\temp\file "D:\downloads\iso images\New folder"
a - add to archive
-mx=0 - set compresssion to "no compression"
-t7z - set type of archive to 7z (7zip recommended, you can use -tzip for ... zip :) )
-v1g - create each file of 1GB size.
d:\temp\file - destination file
"D:\downloads\iso images\New folder" - folder with the files you wish to compress/create archive of.

make sure your destination file is in different folder from source files.

this will create file.001, file.002... etc. Use 7zip or some other app (ark, file-roller to combine them again)

if you create multipart zip file, and not 7zip archive, use 7zip application to unzip it.
Winzip might have problem with it. Maybe this has changed, and I do not use winzip anyway.

For linux 

First, change to folder where files are:
cd /mnt/disk/downloads/iso_images/New_folder

then, create archive of the files of your current location. Resulting file has to be in another location.:
7z a -mx=0 -t7z -v1g /mnt/something/file *

see above for description of switches. they are same as ones on Windows.

if you want to do it, from some other folder (untested)
7z a -mx=0 -t7z -v1g /mnt/something/file /mnt/disk/downloads/iso_images/New_folder/*

(in the last example * iz to tell 7z to compress all files and folders in directory, and not omitt any file. 
It would probably work without * too.)

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