Windows 7 libraries in Windows xp

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Let's say you have h:\trailers folder, and want to add it to q:\collection folder, without moving files.

right click on h:\trailers, "pick link source"
right click on q:\collection, "drop as junction"
You will have link to h:\trailers in q:\collection, created as a junction. Like a "live update" link to a folder.
When you search files in q:\collection, it will show files from h:\trailers, too.
You can rename "q:\collection\trailers" to "q:\collection\trailers on h", if you want.

In linux/mac you could use: (untested)
ln s /source_dir /destination_dir. Example:
ln s /home/trailers /mnt/sdb1/collection
would create link to trailers in collection dir.
I have not tested this.

More info here

Dropbox + LSE
You can use Dropbox together with LSE.
Dropbox monitors "my dropbox" dir, and synchronizes it with its own server.
When you logon to another machine, changes/updates are downloaded to another machine.

If you have c:\game\savedir\save.dat
move savedir to "my dropbox" dir:
-right click on "savedir", select move.
-right click on "d:\apps\dropbox\my dropbox", select paste

create junction (link):
-right click on d:\apps\dropbox\my dropbox\savedir, select "pick link source"
-right click on c:\game, and select "drop as junction"

-This will not work if you move FILE save.dat to "my dropbox" and then create hardlink in c:\game\savedir,
 instead of directory with files in it.
 In time file will be replaced with it's copy, instead of hardlink. It will not be synchronized with other machines.
 If you need to sync just one file in directory, either create new directory and move file in it, or sync the whole  directory.

 If you edit it directly, like text.doc, move it to dropbox folder, and create regular shortcut to it.
 (Move file to "my dropbox". Right click on file in "my dropbox","Send to/Desktop-create shortcut")

-Keeping "savedir" in "c:\game", and creating junction in "my dropbox" dir instead, also reportedly has some problems.
Moving original DIRECTORY "savedir" to "my dropbox" and creating JUNCTION in "c:\game" works for me so far.


Note 2:	To keep things organized, you can create subdir in "my dropbox", and name it game,
	so you would have d:\apps\dropbox\my dropbox\game\savedir. Then right click on savedir, "pick link source" ...
	Useful if you have several dirs with the same name. This is optional.

This way you can keep directories synchronized over more desktops.
Also you can synchronize directories which are required outside of the dropbox dir.

More info here, part 5.

If you delete file or folder in junction, or the junction itself, using windows explorer "Delete" menu entry,
file will be deleted from the original location. Especially if it is too big for Recycle Bin.

To delete Junction, right click on it, and select "Delete junction" from windows explorer.
DO NOT use regular "Delete" menu entry, or it will delete files from original location.

The author of this article takes no responsibility if you damage or delete your files.
However, if that happens, try Recuva.