Comodo firewall how to setup:

Install firewall only. No antivirus.

-firewall security level=custom

-right click on systray icon/open/firewall/advanced/predefined firewall policies=remove all but blocked.
-network security policy=remove all "allowed"
-firewall behaviour setings/alert settings=uncheck all, if you do not want to be asked for new applications. You can do this later.

-open/firewall/common tasks/my network zones/local area network/a range of ip addresses=
(if your ip address is something like

allowing apps:
reset computer
comodo firewall allert: allow "svchost" app
select block or allow for app you want. Click "remember" to save setting.

If you have problems with mmorpg games:
-open/firewall/advanced/attack detection settings/misc/block fragmeneted ip diagrams=uncheck