How to create portable python application, or how to convert python to exe (sort of :)
(or py)

It's not py2exe, but it works :)

-Short version: Download Python(3). Install minimum installation. Copy script to Python dir, and start it using *.bat file.
-Long version:

-Download Python version 3 or above from

You need something like 'Windows x86 MSI Installer (3.2.3) (sig)'
Here is the current link:

From this page:

-double click installer after download is finished.

-choose 'install just for me'. Although it would probably work for 'install for all users' too.
-leave 'C:\python32' as destination
-set 'python' to 'will be installed on local hard drive'

-set 'entire feature will be unavailable' for:
	-register extensions
	-utillity scripts
	-test suite

-copy 'c:\Python32' folder to 'c:\temp' folder. You will have c:\temp\Python32\python.exe ... now.
-you can unistall python using 'control panel\add remove programs' if you wish.

-create in 'c:\temp\Python32' dir.
-Add this text in print ("hello")

-create startmyprogram.bat in  'c:\temp\Python32' dir
-Add this text in startmyprogram.bat: (don't add --- lines)

--text starts here---


--text ends here---

-To start the program, double click on startmyprogram.bat.

-when you need to move your program, zip the whole 'python32' dir.
-if you use 7zip it will be about 4MB. In zip/winzip format it will be about 6MB.

-you can add 
cd /D "%~dp0"
at the beginning of the bat file, if you have to change to the program dir, too.

-you can rename python32 dir to something else, if you wish.

(-if you need tkinter, you can set 'will be installed on local hard drive' for it during installation. It's about 10MB more.)