-Html5 video with subitle example, without using java or flash  here
-Random story line example. Click on "next page" few times here 

-audio books in mka format, with chapter marks, examples here, howto here 
-calendar universal - one calendar page for all months and years here
-lmms - some tests made in music making software lmms here, program page lmms
-python-download subtitle - download subtitles for movies. Uses command line here, and web site /updated 2015-10-13/
-rtfappend-clvb - merge two rtf files into one,  command line program here
-Say Time and Exit - an android app, here 
-sub2srt-cpp - convert subtitle files from sub to srt format, command line program here 
-txt2rtf-clvb - convert txt files to rtf format, setting encoding, command line program here 

-vbscanOCR - convert pdf or images to text, using ocr 
Download vbscanOCR.  
(Program uses ghostscript and tesseract-ocr:, and 
Required files are included in the download.)

-cuneiform-clvb - call cuneiformOCR/ from command line 
Download cuneiform-clvb, download portable with instruction how to install it. 
(Program uses wrapper library. Link to its page here )