You are not your body
Your body is a vehicle that enables your soul to exist on this planet. After your
body is no longer usable, your soul will still live. And go back to the Creator. 
Death is not a punishment. It is not end of a book, only end of a chapter. Your 
body will come back.
Your body will come and go.

Go see a doctor from time to time. You should take care of your body, at least as much as you do of your car. You have to take car to the full check once a year. And your body? Well, do you?
Learn a new language. Computer or human. Keep your mind active. Read books. You can learn something even from the bad book. Think. Think.. Analyze. Workout with your brain, too, not just the body.
Practice some type of martial art. Or yoga. Keep your body active.
Love is the way. To light. Love is the light. :) The good feeling :) Positivity.
Listen to the voice of your body. It will tell you if some part of it is not good, or if something is hurting it. If your nose is running, get some worm clothes if possible. If you caugh , do the same.
You are free to do with your life what you want.. Imagine you would die tomorrow. Aren't there some things you would like to do before that happens?
Rememeber to laugh. A lot. It relaxes your body and mind.
Teeth protection layer, like a thin foil created from toothpaste or gel.