See the future
Imagine if you could see few minutes into the future.
Next, sf book (with some pink animals.)

Hypno past Use hypnosis to see your previous life. Use hypnosis to see your past more clearly?
Hypno future Use hypnosis to see the future?
hypno languages Using hypnosis to see if you know foreign language(s)? Maybe from their past lives. Maybe they are all connected?
hypno education Maybe people can use hypnosis to learn better and faster? (Research on the web)
Do it now Don't leave things for tommorow. If you want to do something, do it now.
Don't expect anything. Just go and see what happens. To the party or anywhere. Enjoy.
Before you fall asleep Pray to God. Exercise your face muscles. Imagine your hair growing strong and beautiful, and with a healthy "shine". Imagine your body renewing itself. Say your self: I am a healthy person. Imagine a beam of energy coming from Sun or from God to you and healing / revitalizing/ rejuvenating you. Imagine an egg shaped shield of energy around your body. Imagine your body becoming light. Have nice thoughts. Marbles :) Imagine energy surrounding your body Imagine being happy. Smile at yourself. Wish yourself sweet dreams.
Don't think of something as "difficult". That is called sloth. Instead do it right away. Just get up and do it.
Organize your day the way you want. Don't let it pass away.
Do one thing you are afraid each day.
You have to fight your own fears and overcome them. It doesn't work like that. You can conquer other people's fears. Their fears do not have the same meaning to you , as they do to them. You have to fight your own fears and overcome them.
Write 5 things you like, 5 things you don't like about yourself. Be proud of the 1st 5 and try to improve on the second 5.
What do you want in your life? Make a list of things with the time line.
Remove the lazy gene. The "I don't feel like doing it. Imagine the things you could achieve.
The only person stopping you is . you! You can be all you want to be.
God only gives you tasks you can solve. No task is too big.
We learn more from our mistakes than from our successes.
Choose your future. Envision yourself. Visualize what you would like to happen
Visualize the solution of the problem. Visualize the steps to solve the problem. Then follow those steps
What is the perfect life for you? Well, why aren't you living it?
Practice keeping cool (temperature) around you, on a hot day. And a warm one on a cold day. :) (from sf book)
Slow down time when you need more of it. For example when you are late. later let it unwind when you have more time.