We do not own this planet, we are just guests here. Some seem to forget.

what have you done today, to make yourself proud? What have you accomplished/completed today?

Don't let things or people own you.

Your life belongs to you. If you don't want to do something, then don't do it. 
Of course if you are not an adult, you have to know there will be consequences.
You really should listen to your parents.

Accept truth/(fact) for what it is, nothing more, nothing less.

People always divide, and then fight  among themselves. Stupid.

Dont do 10 jobs at once. Finish one first.

Don't waste your time/life in front of the TV.

"what you can do today, don't leave for tomorrow"

mental hygiene is as important as any other. ?!

dont live in extreme/absolute values

you dont have to be perfect.

if you can find/summon a light in/(amid) the darkness...

if there is darkness you can be light, the sunshine ray, the smile amidst frowns. :)

Play your own game.

Causal universe.

How do salmon swim upstream?

Choose your own result, choose your own path.

Remove the clouds like the mud.

See what is it like to have absolute power.

Smile. :-)

Calming device: song or frequency emitter. Get to the other persons frequency.
Emitter. Empathy.

Sing a song or pray. Emit a frequency.

Possible crowd calmer. Device or human.

Why is time going at this speed? Frequency? What is it related to? Why not faster
or slower? How can this be changed? Can it be changed?

Melt away the cancer and piss it away.

You know what you have to do you just don't have the guts to do it.

Japanese cuisine. Healthier,longer life.

Geek how to: life.

What is your ideal working place? Say it!

You are the leader, the boss of your life. Set it the way you want, instead of grieving.

So what if it takes a little pain or uncertainty?

You're setting this the wrong way. It is not what the others want, it is what you want.

Cleared the water(your drink), imagine a forest spring, imagine clearing a food you eat.

Put yourself in other people's position, try to see things from a different angle
from his angle, which way will he perceive it.

How to acquire images from the brain?

How to transport stream of thoughts to paper? As a moving images.

If you could wish yourself to improve some category, what would you want? Want it. Do it then.

Face muscles training.

Secret is in us. Imagine the shield around your body. Try to observe the thoughts
in your mind as they pass through. Imagine your body refreshes itself. Imagine
your body regenerate itself.

To safe place, where there is no pain.

Simplicity, free from the envy.

Write down your ideas.

The way magic works is by sending frequency to the object. By thoughts, movements,
voice. They all create frequency.

Frequency of God? Infinite? Real high?

Magicians tuned to the same frequency.
How do they move objects?

"I am healthy". Keeps saying that.

Washing away not working cells. Like Shaman.

Tell you body no need for glucose,your body is not in a problematic situation,
no need for turbo boost.

World without violence(on TV) equals no bad images in your brain.

How mine soaks everything to see during the day.

What did your day consist of?

Man if TV was used for education instead of spreading a wireless, stupidity,
need for buying things,, brainwashing, violence and war.

Everything is going to be all right, you'll see.

When you close your eyes, what do you see?

If one was looking at nature wallpapers, instead of pictures of wireless and
hatred ...?

There is someone for everyone.

TV with relaxing pictures.

If only we would care more about others than about ourselves.

Any ride he is interesting, regardless of the ending part.

How come love turns to hate in marriage sometimes? What happens to the
butterflies feeling in the stomach? How come I can't stand being without her,
turns to I can't stand being next to her? I guess all of the unsaid words
create an avalanche, an explosion.

I like the scent of Basswoold (tillia) in the evening for my balcony.

We only find the value of some things after we lost them.

Life is all about taking choices.

You have to respect the women.

You have to make the kids want to learn. How? Incentive. Make it cool.

We expect people of the future to reason the same way we do.(Just as the people
in the 40s imagined a Ford T. in silver coating. They knew nothing about aerodynamics.)
Instead, there should be no greed, no envy, hatred, just a lot of love.(Like in Star Trek).

Techinical advancement does not mean humans (or aliens) are better. (No fear, greed or violence)
Techinical improvement does not mean humans (or aliens) are improved. (No fear, greed or violence)

If everybody used telepathy, there would be no secrets. Are we ready for this?

Imagine you see a small kid with the gun. Would you approach him? Most people 
would stay away from him. In a way, that is our civilization. (And extra terestrial civs :))

Why would aliens use radio communication, instead of, say, telepathy?

Stretch your wings. Wave them few times. Like an angel. :)

Prayer, face muscles , imagine energy shield around your body, happy thoughts,
smile. Pick your own future, what would you like tomorrow to happen?

Small bubbles of energy, going to the needed places.

Predict 5 seconds into the future.(SF story with pink animals).

Facebook game: who has the most friends?

Rewind time; fast forward? Move in time and space (Jumper), or just in time.

To be better then them you can't be the same, you have to be better :).
If others give hundred percent, you have to give 120%.

If you have to choose between spending time on your computer or with the people, choose people.

Let's make this fun.

Girls always expect love to last forever.
That's why they are so happy on the date they get married.
Love doesn't always last forever.

Give her freedom to choose, but most of the time you are expected to lead.
That is especially true if you take her out.

There is not enough love in the world. (There could /should be more, to clarify)

Think happy thoughts.(Peter Pan)

Maybe death  is not a punishment by God. Maybe it is a reward for a job well done.
After the job is done.
Imagine your wounds disappearing.

God talks to us all the time, but we do not always listen.

Humans had this planet, not did not that care enough to save it. Fools.

Relationship equals two people on the same frequency. The closer, the better. They
get their frequencies synchronized. 

Western medicine tries to remove the consequence, not to remove the cause.
They heal the body, not the soul. 
They should also try to reestablish the energy flow.

The possessions (of items) are temporary just like your life here on Earth.

Keep trying. Change??

Distribute open office with OEM computers.

Microsoft office 2010 with ads.

Slowly you will start believing you can change reality
Give in for a moment 

not necessarily perfect. you dont have to be,

gain strength from their followers

people want what they don't have
girls want boys that don't notice them :).

It seems it is never enough. People never stop to enjoy the moment.
never enough -- enjoy the moment

why worry about what might happen

only you can stop youself.

remember that power we all have

if you love it let it go

start to resonate with the frequency of the book

a new day! What a joy!

Have you done all you could? (from "harry potter")

People don't change, they adjust.

all energy and wisdom from the God.

face the problem

a vehicle of ideas

Day and night, winter and summer, rain and mist, life and death and life.

Open circle. When you give, the circle stays open. When you take, the circle stops.

Always trust your instincts.

Astral projection/telepresence.

Talk with her/them.
Learn to confront people, without getting agitated, without raising your voice.
Remaining calm during discussion.

Learn to control the flow of your thoughts. To remember. Try to repeat daily
events in your head before you go to sleep.

Your thoughts will become actions.

Listen to your body.

Execute your plans now!
Tell you body there is no need to produce glucose. You're not under stress.

Tell your self, "There is probably a good reason for that".

Don't be afraid of the challenge. But dont take jobs you can't finish.

Remove things you do not like from your life.

God always talks to us, and listens to what we say.

Choose the future you want. Make plans and execute them.

Everything is going to be okay.

God is always with you.

I am always with you. God.

The reason men do not want to have sex with their wives is they are always available,
there is nothing unexpected, there is no excitement, they don't have to fight for
it, they think they don't have to seduce them anymore. 
People stop caring when they have something for granted.
To them women are always available. There is no fun to it, it seems more like chore.

People stop caring when they have something for granted.

Partners with nature. Respect nature. Not exploit it. There is enough for reasonable use.

Until people change, the governing will not change. People have to change the way
they think about themselves and others. Instead of taking they have to start giving.

Forgive yourself. We all make mistakes sometimes.

What makes people turn good or bad? When is it decided and by who?
nature or nurture?

Remember to always land on your feet. If you don't, get up anyway :)

Unlike everyone else, just tell the truth.

If you feel like you're doing something wrong, then you probably are. Listen to
that tiny voice inside.

Time is meaningless.

Love will exist as long as there is anxiety/uncertainty.
Collaborative writing.

Keep your conscience clear.

ID tag for all files? Like flac.

"We can always go back to being young and foolish."
"I am not me, I am not anything" ?!

When the time is right it will come back/show

Refresh/repair your body with your mind. Increase your strength, intelligence,
agility, dexterity. Rejuvenate.

Don't be who you are supposed to be, and be who you are.

Go to sleep at the same time

Be a child again.

she changes me -- now she doesn't like me anymore?

Don't take yourself too seriously.

The world as frequency based. Describe.

Practice telepathy with the one you are connected to.

You don't owe anything to anyone. Don't worry yourself about that.
Only round shapes things in your room. Like in the nature.

Voice inside. Your heart. Sing before.

If life is not adventure, you die inside. Boring.

Work: make it a play.

Girls want what they can't have.

You can't control love.

You can't tell your heart what to feel.

If you could stop fighting our wave/way  of telekinesis, psych etc, people could
master it more easily.

There will be time when you think things are bad. It's not that bad, really.

We are not all going to be heroes when we grow up, unfortunately.

we are not all heroes not all of us ?!

No matter how big or small, beautiful, or rich, we all have our own problems.

Not every dance with the girl means she wants to have sex with you.

Spread your wings often.

3-D chess, with three planes.

People should do what they want/like

Be aware.

Pain will go away. Don't be afraid. Do not worry.

Love has a life of its own.

when you remove fear from the equation. Does it change the picture?
People do stupid things when they're afraid.

Change molecular density. From "Honey I shrank the kids".

We need fresh air all the time.

dont be what tohers want/expect you to be. be what you want/are. 

What do you want to do in your life?
If you can control your dreams, why couldn't you control your life.  ?!

How to use brain more efficiently?

Control body temperature. (Adrenaline?)

It's not in your hands anyway, so why worry?

If you change me, will you still love me? Will I be someone else?

Don't be afraid to jump, to do something new.

You can  ignore problems for so long. Sooner or later you'll have to face them and solve them.

visualize your future and choose the future you'd like to happen.

Don't try too hard.

Before you fall into sleep, you are most relaxed.
That is the best time to get the ideas. When you are relaxed, you can connect to the Universe.

Ask yourself the question about your life problems, and then write the 
simplest/weardest answer. Maybe it will be the truth.

The only people who should be in the government, are the ones who do not want to rule.

Direct access to your brain. DMA.

Crystal -- focus, increase  frequency.

Words can hit us like stones.

Everyone is as free as he allows himself to be.

Don't be afraid of the unknown. It will be only unknown once.