Wardrobe cleaner:
You puth your clothes in the clothes cleaner, and it removes everything from it 
except fabric things are made of. Like cotton. It removes dust, sweat… Like 
biofilter/teleport. It removes particles that are not supposed to be there.

When you walk through washer machine at the door, which is like walking through the door, the machine uses steam to wash you up, and to dry you up.
Time traveling machine: Australian tv show (Girl from the future?) had time traveling machine like device. Some thing like big diamond shaped phone booth rotated really fast and was able to achieve enough speed to travel through time.
Time travel: Going faster than speed of light - going to the past. Going slower (like we are now) - going into the future.
Teleport Energy (what about soul?) and matter (which is slowed energy) transformed to energy teleport energy transform energy back to the matter
Matter is energy slowed down. What If one could connect to the slowed down energy and command it by using his own energy.
Phenomenon? (the movie)
Telepathy enabling devices. For communication. Increase frequency output, like radio. Increase receptor sensitivity. From "Flash Gordon", the movie.
Biometric scanner testing body (parts) frequency There is already something like that. Testing for ill parts of body with disturbed / bad frequency.
Machine for resynchronizing your body part with the rest, the good parts
Test fingers conductivity to see frequency of other body parts. Each pair of fingers for different part of body. (Point fingers for head and so on) The machine like that already exists. Testing for body parts with poor conductivity = disturbed energy = not good.
Find a way to store electrical power from lightning and use it later. TV show with robots.
Mini/micro usb fusion device, for energy. the safe type of device.
Sleeper gun - sound maybe, or neural based. Like stun setting on fasers on Star Trek. People should stop killing each other.
Accumulate time for later. So then when you need it use the reserve. Like car battery :)
Slow time when you have to wait long for something, speed it up when you do not need it, like when you are waiting for something / someone.
Machine for slowing time: Some robots were running out of time, and they used machine that creates boubble of slowed time. They put it inside of other machine like that, and then in another. Story name?
Stop aging process Stop aging process by stopping fax copy/non perfect replicating of the body cells.
Medusas that regenerate their body (parts). going back to childhood? Name?
Travel with light/FTL Light can travel very fast. It is energy and also particles. So convert matter/body into energy (light?) and travel. After that convert it back to matter. "K-Pax" the book/movie.
What is gravity? Why does it exist? What about antigravity. Are there any animals that can use antigravity? Bugs. Name? Russian text?