Idols - learning by example
Kids are the what they are today, because they have no one to teach them how to 
act in real life. No one to tell them that calling women bitches is not nice. 
That is all they see in TV. Their parents don't have time for them. Their idols
curse and commit adultery on TV. They see people hurting each other. That is all
they see all day, every day on TV.

TV channel for kids to learn what is right and what is wrong in life? Instead of TV being a way to brainwash people. To tell them to hate each other, and to buy stuff they don't need. (Also, a scene from "Good Night, and Good Luck" movie. "TV could be used to educate...")
Peaceful resolution, normal arguing and talking No one uses peaceful resolution to argument. People do not know anymore how to argue with each other without cursing, insulting each other or resorting to violence. There is a way to argue, and prove your point without any of that. Furthermore, if you hit someone, it means you lost, and have no arguments left.
What to do if attacked by bully in school. Report to teacher. Threaten to tell to the parents. One might call you chicken, but you do not deserve to be bullied to anyone. If he or she attacks you again, report them again. Most of these kids are bully cause they are abused at home, or the violence is only way they know to communicate.
Imagine if people treated others like their own brothers and sisters. No fear. No greed. No hate. No mistrust. No hurt. It would be heaven on earth.
Imagine if people work together, with one goal, for the whole world. Like ants. Instead of everyone pulling in their own direction, which in fact makes them directionless.
Be nice to others. (Like they are your brothers and sisters.)
What you do to others, you do to yourself. If you are going to be one with the God one day, you will feel the pain you caused to that someone. Or if you are going to be that someone in other life. Think about that. You are going to feel what they felt.
Kids, if you are hurt or abused physically, mentally or sexually, ask for help. Talk to someone. That someone could be teacher, aunt, parent or policeman. It is not your fault. I repeat, it is not your fault. It is not a shame to ask for help.
It is not a shame to ask for help, or to ask something you do not know. Through the knowledge, we improve ourselves. We journey.
People's greed could be their down. First thing they do with some powerfull invention is to think of a way to use it to kill each other. From fear comes greed. Fear of not having enough. People do stupid things when they are afraid.
From fear comes greed. Fear of not having enough. People do stupid things when they are afraid.
People do things they wouldn't normally do, for money. They think they will not have enough money in life. How much money is enough? Money is like the switch for some people.
How much money is enough? When is the point in life you can say: OK I can stop worrying about money now, and go and spend some time with my wife and family? Cause your wife wants you, not your money. She needs you close, your touch, your voice, your strength, and your sillyness. Your children want to be with you not with your presents.
Treat others like (they are) God.
People should be tested by psychiatrist before they can buy a gun. Also they should need a license. (Unlike in USA)
People are not interviewed by psychiatrist before they have children. They do need a licence to raise a kid. They need to have a licence to steer a car.
Create think tank to solve the world problems. (already exists?)
Imagine what people could achieve if they worked together, as one. Instead fighting each other, each driven to their own goal, pulling in their own direction. Imagine if they all worked toward the same goal. There would be nothing they couldn't achieve. Hunger, poverty, illness would be destroyed. Earth would be lived on, instead of being sucked dry.
Open learning / open learning languages. Like wikipedia, but free textbooks and audio tapes. For all. wikibooks?
Free textbooks for students, written by students. Or by retired professors.
Teach people to use their mind, to find out facts by themselves, creative thinking, reasoning. To solve a problem. Instead of just teaching them facts. Fact change. Logic does not.
It is more important to give than to get. When you give something it will get back to you. When you only take, you have stop the circle.
The only way to get something is to give something.
There are so many girls that DON'T like me. It is funny.
Free health, medical, education, place to stay, clothes, food. If you want to work OK. Else you get enough to survive. You break the law, you have to leave. If you earn more than the limit, you give it to others. It is a thing of prestige. Live in small communities. 4 months a year work, 4 hours a day? (from a book cwg?) (If one had enough money to create a new society, perhaps? Or change a current one.)
Free travel, place to sleep when in foreign country/place (couch surfing?)
People should live in groups, so they are not lonely. Or at least in pairs. :). Just friends, or something more, does not matter.
What would it be like if everyone was always telling the truth? All around the world? World would be simpler place to live.
Chain reaction of helping everyone, everywhere. Random act of kindness.
Who do kids have today for a role model? Where they can see some honest, decent behavior? Maybe only in comics. Only problem is in comics, most problems are solved by superpowers. (Quick, flashy fix)
Do not unto others, what you do not want to be done unto you. (Unless you are masochist. :) )
Perhaps it would be better if children were being raised by community, instead of only one. One may go wrong, many hardly. (I am not talking about orphanage as preffered model.)
One should be free to do as one desires. Unless it is a result of something negative that happened to one. Then look into the source, and clear it? No religious boundaries, social or economical.