Communication between men and women

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Men communicate to exchange information.
Women communicate to exchange much more. They exchange emotions. Opinions. Their feeling.

Imagine two men going hunting. They separate and meet later.
First one asks the second one:"Have you seen the deer?"
Response: "Maybe. Maybe not. How do you think I feel about it?"
They die of hunger.

With women it is different.They probably stayed at home all the time. Together with other women. They needed to know everything that was going on in their community. Any extra skill they could use to get more info, meant better chance of survival.

For men, talk is a way of exchanging important informations. Which, for them, means facts.
Short, precise and to the point. Simple. One level communication. One layer.

Advice for women. Men are "stupid" that way. If you want to let them know something TELL them. Tell them how YOU feel. Or how you feel about anything. Most men can't pick up subtleness in the speech. Or the body language.