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ask and you shall be given   Attack fear with humor   abuse   Anger is not a disease   Action   Always land on your feet   A whole universe   Age   Asking for help does not mean you are weak   Address   Addiction to cigarettes and coffee   Achieving and love   At the right time events will uncover to us   Acces ideas from the Universe repository   Anomaly places or points on Earth   Access to the hallway of God.   A friend   Aging   All things are frequency   Always ask questions   about   Accept parts   All iz well   Architect your reality, your future, your life.   Architect your future   After time travel   ask   Alone time in marriage   All roads lead to the same place. To the light.   

Body repair   Big companies   Better communication   Be gentle to girls   By their fruit you will recognize them   Beware when accepting gifts from strangers   Breasts   Battery running on cosmic rays   Break the barriers   Be nice to people you are angry at   Beam sickness out of existence   Blue cross   Be the best you can be   Be a leader   But the really important thing they do not teach you in school   boomerang   breaking up is never easy   Be careful of pride and arrogance   Beg and begging   Body adaptable to weather.   

cross   c   Clear the mind before you do magic   Choose people   Create shield around your front door   Create an aura of warmth   Contact   Changes   Choose fruit over candy or sugar   Cool and uncool   Communication between men and women   Child is brought up by the whole village   Cages   Conquer fear   Crush   College should also be an exchange of knowledge   Convert tv to the source of knowledge   Choices   confussion   Choose your future   create a plan. project it into future   connected without internet   Change has to come from inside   Complement the nature   creating vs consuming, tv vs book   

do not be afraid   dance   Do not choose money   Do not judge others   Dreams as a way.   Do not get too attached to material things   Do what you think is right   dinner   Do not lose the child inside of you.   Do not lose hope   Do not let the life wear you out or grind you up   Do not judge the book by its cover   do not try to catch it   Do not be angry   Device warning you if you are going over 60 kph while driving.   Do not use words try, would or should   do not be afraid to be wrong sometimes   do you like your body   Do not be afraid to ask   Do not lie to girls   Do not burden yourself with should and should nots   decisions   Do what is important to you   Do not feel guilty about your mistakes.   difference in communication between men and women   Do not pity people. Imagine them in their divine light.   dualism, fruit of forbidden knowledge   Defeat it   Death is not a punishment.   Do the unexpected   Do not limit yourself   Do not limit yourself with fear.   distribution of wealth   

energy   Errors in communications   Experience something new in your life   Empath at a job interview   Earth is crying in pain   Every moment in your life is perfect   Empath grounding   Emotions create energy   Everyone has their own way   Experiment   End of the movie   Evolve   Equal   Everything is energy, moving at a frequency   Exist out of time   Everything is connected   e-motion   Everything is-works in cycles.   

free your mind   Fear and love are opposite   Filming stars in public   Feel sex   free math books   Fools. We had it all, but we ruined it   Fear   free travel, swim the universe   First Government thought about inventions   free textbooks   Fear is an illusion   Faucet water   for every fault there is a virtue   Freedom is the abillity to choose   first time   fuel and food   Facebook - new addiction   free travel   fear no one.   fitting vs cheap   fear based world   

girls feel different   Guns should be replaced versions that put people to sleep   Gift of life   Go easy on questions   Girls have an idea of the way the world should be   Greed is dangerous   God talks to us in symbols   Girl, dominating   Give a hug to those who need it   Gasoline   gods   Girl see jealosy as a sign of love   greet everyone with a smile   Girls are like boys, only in mirror   God is a woman, a loving mother   God is love   good vs bad education   

Hang about   hygiene   How about just telling the truth   Have to   How do you measure frequency of a human body   How to solve a problem   How to lose weight.   How to approach a girl   honor life in all of its forms   Harmony in, harmony out   How to time   Health   hydrate your body   How to remove virus, cold   Humans are not supposed to worry   Hate hurts us, not the other.   

If you make mistake, learn from it, apologize and move on   Internet became an addiction   Intelligent not necessarily good.   If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is   I am not defined by what others people do to me, but what I do to them.   If you do not know what to do, just (stand back and) listen   Imagine if people only could speak the truth.   Increase your frequency before studying   It is not what you are, it is who you are that is important   Imagine visualize create future   In the same circle   I wish for all people to evolve   Information   I intend to evolve   Intertwined   Illness is a physical manifestation of your thoughts   If you do not want to do it, then do not do it   In religion we transfer power over our life   If there is no night, we would not know what a (delight) day is   Instead of competing, we should try help one another   If you intend to do it, it has already happened   imagine a perfect world. every day   intent   I love my body   If we make out (imagine) something to be easy to do, it will be easy.   Ilussion   If you help someone, you help yourself, so you feel good   

Just do it   Just do it   Jump time   Just cause she is beautiful, does not mean   

kids   Kids today   Keeping memory in bones   Keep the circle open   Keep yourself representable   Knowledge is not equal to wisdom   Knowledge is relative   Kids, sex   Keep your ego in check   

love and hate   Longevity   lens for focus   Lying will only make it worse.   last hour   Love is love   locate people based on their energy imprint   Learn to say no, and not fret about it   love   Late   lesson   Light and dark   Love is a creation   Learn to trust your feelings   Love yourself, and love other people   Love is giving   Let us make history   Let us make history   Let love be your guide   life is for living   Love is a willing sacrifice   Love is a broadcast of energy. Light is a broadcast of energy   living room without a TV set   loss as a chance   leave your beliefs when they are yours no more   love complements love   love, by sharing, it grows   looking for love   

magic started how   men and women   Molecules vibrating   Men do not share.   Meta programming language   Music to chase away the clouds   Make the plan and execute it.   Message   material things   Man can not have two lords   mundane jobs equal mediation   Marriage should be a one year contract   Maybe, if it hurts, it means you are alive   multiplicity   More things exists, than humans can see   Maybe she is with him, cause he was the only guy to ask her (out)   Mother always protects her child   Music continues to reverberate through us,   Matter is the energy condendsed, slowed down   Music   Make corrections to the future path of your selves every 15 minutes   mistakes   Manager   Men need women   men and women   money buying   money   material and energy   Money should be a mean (to a goal), not an end   

No need for fear, shame   not being cool   no need for fear   Nanobots repair body   No excuses   No animal testing.   Need for expression   Nobody is asking you to be perfect   no limits   No one has ever taught boys to express emotions   No delay   no TV   not a problem   

One person is a whole universe   Own   Other people   Our soul is energy   Occupied   Open palm or closed fist   Our five senses are not perfect   on studying   on the top (of evolution) is love.   Our mistakes keep our ego in check   

portable furniture   Pride and honor   Pride and humility   Past   psychic alarm   Parents   People flying   People gave names to their fears   Predict how will the events fork   Predict the future   Power without wisdom equals catastrophy   Perfection is achieved inside   plane crashing down. crowd calmer   Purify water and food   People always want what they do not have   People do not want what they (can) have   Promise me you will not be mean to boys   Pick a timeroute you like   Playing the game   Plants communication interface   People are more important than things   people s money library   People love things they don t understand   Public Donations   Perspective   Peace on Earth   possible future   


relationship   Respect women   Reach out and grab it   Relations   Relativize time   Refuel your body with energy   Remember to be humble   Remember to blink and change perspective   relationship, leaving   Rounded furniture   Reality is a mirror of ourselves.   

she is not coming back   Sex is not a dirty word   Slaves to the pleasure   Step back and think when arguing   smoke of things past, shadow   Some girls are pretty   Stop repeating your mistakes   Sharing   Shortcuts   Sugar is like a drug   Sometimes you just need a little push   Solve the source, not only the consequence   Speak your mind   Stand up for yourself   Sometimes we fail to see the truth   Show some initiative   Some people see butterflies, some people don t   Share   Stop watching TV   Society   Some things you have to learn yourself   Safe place for kids   Speak freely   Sex is sometimes just sex   Sound can heal   Students should not be afraid of their teacher   Simple defense kung-fu   storing information in frequency   Sometime you have to make a full circle to get to the beginning   Skip into the future and check the solution   See things for what they really are.   Stories as a way to remember things   Spirit can be free while working.   Speed up and slow down time   separated engine   Switch off worrying like you turn off a TV set   Simulator of political life   Sometimes you get an answer before you ask   String   Smart man never gets bored   Stone that resonates with out body, thus healing it   start a day with a smile   sing while working   Spread the money with paypal   sex rule   senses can easily be deceived.   Sun shines on all people   

Tricoder heal   To get good   to win you have to be better   The harder you try, the less chance of success you have.   The way we drive and the material   There exists someone special for you.   The way to communicate with animals   To give is to get   The key to a long life is in ourselves   Things they should teach in school   typing letters on computer by mind   Things to do the often   Truth   To believe is to be alive   Thought always comes first   To a kid, everything is a play   Tomorrow   The only thing stopping you is you   to love and to be in love   There is nothing wrong with you.   This is an area of free will   there is a rhythm, a beat to every text   There is one truth.   True love is unconditional   The only way to persuade people not to steal   TV-induced, daze like state   Thoughts and actions   The only thing to fear is the fear itself   This is going to be fun   Time exists as dots on a plane   Time speeding up   Travel by converting to light or on light.   Time is intelligent   time travel   There is no god   Tricked in confusing the Source with the god.   The only thing limiting you is your imagination   Through teaching, teacher changes, too.   Things to do in the evening   time travel when in astral body   Time moves fastest, when we need it the most.   to evolve and to love   there must be a lot of people like you   the game, look from the outside   The Creator does not give us what we want, but what we need   time is flexible   Treat people like your brothers and sisters   The only way to be uncorrupted by the power is to have conscience always present   The only true conscience (of the government) is the public   The Matrix   the game   The best way to learn is through play.   To join them up   The time   The place inside of you   

unpleasant news or facts   Using bamboos to create paper   Use your head   Unite   universe, life vibrates, creating music. (super)strings?   Using group telekinesis to lift stones   


What you do to others   war should be outlawed   We have the ability to heal ourselves   When in doubt   Way out of problems   Women, the only castle that wants to be conquered   We all make mistakes sometimes   What do you see when you close your eyes   Wash dishes like laundry   We are multidimensional beings   What do YOU want   Walk proud. Talk loud and clear.   Why do we fear   Women   What do you do with your day   We should treat others as brothers an sisters   We are an antenna for the space energy   When you do not know what to choose, choose the first one   Women are sexual beings   Women are meant for caressing   We are part of the universe   wiki   water ideas   welding melding   Why would god need us to pray   Women are people too   work equals time   What women want?   Women expect love to last till the end of time   woman are more evolved   work, home   When one becomes two   Worry with a song   What do birds talk about   Without fear, we can see clearly.   We are holograms   We are one   We could learn a lot from women   water is alive, just like everything else   We all have the same soul   we need physical activity too   Without (inner) light, beauty fades   Which solution would you choose for yourself   We're different, but we are the same.   What if you were omnipotent   We are the change   

You can not tell heart who to love   Your higher self   You should act as your parents tell you   You can stop the trouble   You will die, and will be reborn, as sure as after Sunday comes Monday   You are the ship commander   You have to learn to control your desires   You cannot to be annoyed by what other people do   You create reality with our thoughts   You decide what is real and what is not   You have to go, to see if you want to come back   Your mind controls your body.   You are taught you will get old   Your pair   You create your own reality   You will experience the storm   You are not the first or the last with that problem   you are or should be free to do what you want, at any of time.   You don t have to be perfect   You are not (just) your body   You cannot fail God   You cannot fail if you do something with love.   

1 hour each day   

2012 - the shift   

To thyself be true    I expect nothing from you, except to be happy    Love swallow up hatred, and it is no more