There is no god

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Here is the big one:
There is no god.
Not in a sense they taught you.
Omnipotent being throwing things at you, making decisions for you. Instead of you.

There is the source. There is the universe created by the source.
There are laws in the universe, such as laws of creation, or law of attraction.
There are gods, advanced beings, seeking to command humans. They are the ones that want to be worshiped.
Why would omnipotent being want to be worshiped? Why would the source wanted to be worshiped?

On the other hand if gods are omnipotent, why would they want to be worshiped?
Hence the gods are not omnipotent, they need us to worship them, to believe in them.
They might be powerful, advanced, but not omnipotent. Most of them are humanoid life forms.
If we put our faith in them, and not in us, we give away OUR power to them.
Then they will have the power over us.

In words of Captain Kirk: "Why would God need a ship"
Isn't he omnipotent? All powerful?

The source, on the other hand, is omnipotent, but does not need our worship, and pretty much lets us
do what we want with our life. (He is more like a guide, a parent to us? Someone to speak to and ask for an advice? A mother, a loving parent?)
Remember the law of causality. What goes around comes around. Every action has a reaction.
Since we exist in a linear time, the results might not be obvious immediately.

So, it is up to you. You decide your future. You make the choices. You believe in yourself. Not in someone up in
the sky, or heaven, deciding upon your future.
Your future depends on ... you :). So, you better listen to yourself :)