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Our world is full of violence. Young men are thought the only way to express themselves is through violence and bad language.
In the end, they will turn to the only thing they have been shown, the thing they have been bombarded with from tv, from movies,
even from news: violence. Rarely something sane can be seen on tv. Instead of listening to the stories of the old, of the bravery,
humanity, and heroism, young people today are bombarded with senseless stories full of violence, where only thieves and rogues profit.
And their ways are presented as normal, which they are not.
Instead they should be told the stories of friendship, and heroism, and bravery.

Young women are taught that the only way to happiness is material, which is wrong. Money can bring you safety,
but not necessarily happiness.

There are no shortcuts in this world. To "succeed" (earn a lot of money) fast, you have to give up something. Usually a lot.
The problem is, you will only notice the value of the lost, after you lose it.

They should spend more time with their parents and grandparents, who should teach them how to be human.
Video games? There are some video games that do not consider violence a main selling point.

What about talk, sing, dance, crying? Crying is considered a shame, which is nonsense.
Rarely people know how to have discussion without violence and heated words. It is possible to have a discussion with someone
and still retain a respect for them.