No animal testing.

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No animal testing.
There should not be testing anything on animals, there should not be testing anything on humans.
Whatever the goal is not worth it.
Science can advance by looking insides of ourselves, by observing the nature.
Not by mutilating, pain and suffering

There will be no advance in science till we open ourselves to love and God.

And start asking why?
Without hurting anyone.

Oath of the Scientist
I swear to use my scientific knowledge for the good of Humanity. I promise never to harm any person in my search for enlightenment.

I shall be courageous and careful in my quest for greater knowledge about the mysteries that surround us. I shall not use scientific knowledge for my own personal gain or give it to those who seek to destroy the wonderful planet on which we live.

If I break this oath, may the beauty and wonder of the Universe forever remain hidden from me.

from George's Secret Key to the Universe, authors Lucy and Stephen Hawking.

Hippocratic Oath