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In studying. (for the exam. but actually you should be studying for yourself.)
prepare the best way you can.
like in video games read walktrough, before you play.
use all you can use to improve your chances of success.
no cheating!

imagine studying where students are not afraid of teacher.
where students cannot fail.
If the knowledge shown is lacking, they are simply asked to review the part againg
and come back when they have. And offered help if needed. In time of the teacher or other students, who are willing to help.

Where teachers enlighten the students, transfer their knowledge
Where students are not afraid to question old methods.

students would have unlimited "semesters of time" to learn the subject.
and they would have recorded lessons, in case they wish to review them again.
they would be able to ask the lecturer, and have access to faq.

Imagine if students would study, with the same passion they play video games.