Public Donations

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Public Donations

How do you make money obsolete? By believing it is obsolete. By giving it away, freely.

1. Open a Public Donations paypal account.
2. Each month you pay 1$, 2$, 10$, or nothing to this account. Others do the same.
3. Everyone's transaction is public

4. every 60 days, or when money = 100$, decision is made by consensus of the donors of the group, to give money to someone.
examples: kids who need to pay medical bills, people who have no place to sleep, people who have no clothes to wear, or something else
(There can be some other timing, not 100$ or 60 days.)

5. All donors vote. Voting is public, and transparent. Everyone can check the results.

People vote whom to give the money to.
If there is no 100% vote yes, some people may choose not to give their money.
This can be decided by voters, during voting or later. (check here: if vote=fail, keep money.)
If you do not vote, your money is not given away.

6. There should be follow up on the receiver of the money

7. If someone wants to withdraw his or hers own money from the money library, one is free to do so.
(Paypal transfer fund have to be paid by the donor.)