Playing the game

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One day, an user decides to want to play the game.
He decides on his character sex, background, time period, and abilities, and disabilities.

Why disabilities? To change a game a little, to spice it up.

He decides the role he will play, the wizard, the warrior, the healer or something else.

He choses the way in game body will look like.

Then he plunges in. He likes it so much, he gets so immersed, he forgets the world around him, and actually starts to think the game world is the real world. When his in game body is hurt, he feels it. He thinks his existence is in question.
He experiences fear.

He curses the programmer for giving him disabilities, or for setting the rules he does not like.
Unaware that he made the choices before the game, and that this is just a game.

Forgetting his existence was never in question, his real body could never be hurt.

Unaware he can change his in-game reality.

After he has finished his mission in the game, or after he has had enough, he leaves the game. Till the next time.

And next time he will play as another character, maybe a female one...

Another life well spent, another experience experienced :)