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Take care of your parents. They are probably the only ones who care for you because of you, not because they want something from you.
Listen to them, and what they say to you. Based on past experiences, would they want to hurt you?
But, use your own head.

They usually are on your side, and have no financial or any other reason to lie to you.
They are usually not interested in getting money from you.
Most people that want to make a deal with you (in real life) are motivated by getting money,
Not all, though. Just be aware. If you are making contract, imagine the worst possibility, and add it to the contract.
Or protect yourself from it in the contract.

Imagine you had a puppy. It left in the noon, but did not came, even late in the night.
Would you be worried?
Now imagine your parents feeling like that for you, only 10 times more.
Do you understand now, why your parents ask you to come home early every night?
They are not trying to ruin your going outs with your friends, they are just worried, and
do not want anything bad happening to you.

Remember, when you were a baby, your parents would wake up in the middle of the night to feed you. :)
When you were sick they would take you to see the doctor.
They feed you and clothe you. Could it be they love you, and have your best interest at heart?

Please, if you do something bad, tell your parents. They know you are not perfect, (nobody is), and you
make mistakes like we all do. You might be afraid, but lying will not help you to get out of the mess.
Telling the truth will show good faith/will.

There are some small percentage of people that are unsuitable to be parents.
They usually consume a lot of alcohol, or use drugs. If you see someone using drugs, or getting drunk all the
time, get away from them. Ask for help from cousins, or friends. DO NOT just run out of the house.
It could be a jungle out there.

That is why I say think about the past events.

If you feel you are abused by your parents, speak to someone. Your teacher, your friend, their parents,
doctor, cousins, even a policeman. There is also "help phone". Do not be afraid to call for help. It is not your fault.

Or if you feel abused in school or in a working place.