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People always divide and fight. That has to stop.
We are all humans.
Skin, race, eye color, hair color, nationality, different language, religion, sex, age, they should not divide us.
In the bigger picture they do not matter.
We have more in common then we have differences.
We all have the same soul.
We are all humans.
Our "differences" should make us more versatile.

Why are people divided?
Because of the greed, coming from the fear.
Politics and religion divide us.
They point to our differences, instead to point what we have in common.

No competitive sport. No competing in sports. Work together. Do not let sports competitiveness divide us.
Or anything else, like politics and religion.

There is enough for everybody (from "Conversations with God")
There is no need for fear or greed.
The consciousness of the people on the planet is changing.

Instead of everyone pulling in their own direction, we will all work together.
Pick a course and pull together.
Look what ants can do. And ants are small.
Imagine what humans could do if all of them work together.
There would be no limit, to what we can do.

The whole planet working together.

We will look back and think, how foolish we were to be separated from each other.
How foolish it was to each pull in their own direction...

There will not be change, until we all change the way we think. Until we change what is in our conscience.
Till we all, or at least majority of us, evolve.

Society advancement is measured not by its technological advancement, but buy the presence of love, light, and spirit in it.
The advancement of the spirit is what is important. There is no advancement of spirit without love.

A rocket in the Space means nothing, if people are dying of starvation on the streets.
When people don't have medical help, medical breakthroughs are useless.
Advancement of the society
Until we start being nicer to each other, and start treating each others like brothers and sisters,
nothing is going to change.
Consciousness of the people on this planet has to increase.
Currently, greed and fear try to rule the world.
There are still people dying of starvation, treatable diseases.
There is enough for everybody.
There is no need for fear, or greed coming from fear. (from "Conversations with God")

What ever you do, do it with an open heart. Let love be your guide.
"Ask yourself, am I doing this out of love? Am I guided by love"
From Bringers of the Dawn

Add a little love to everything you do. Let it be your secret ingredient.

Only love can save the world.
Love is the answer,
Love is the key.

"Maybe one day we'll be united
And our love won't be divided." from a song...

"Heaven is a place on Earth"

"Love is the answer" :)