Things they should teach in school

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Things they should teach in school:
How to cook few basic meals (soup, eggs & bacon/cheese, hot dogs, pancakes, macaroni )
basic of car maintenance (check for oil, tires, coolant water)
basic use of computer if needed: (Google, word, excel, mail)

how to manage people, money
How to start their own company
how to do research, and find the solution (on the Internet)
how to manage a company, how to negotiate business deals. ethics
how people get pregnant, importance of condoms. how to have sex, how to please a woman. (Sex is not a dirty word. Society should grow up.)
male body. female body.
how to behave like a gentleman
avoid drugs, it will destroy you.
alcohol and cigarettes are not for humans.
do not lie. If you make a mistake, apologize, and try not to do it again.
do not take things that are not yours.
do not judge others.

Help people, if they want to accept help.
Importance of telling the truth.
How to behave in a fight or an argument or when being bullied, or having problems at home.
How to ask for help in learning/schooling.

Why does every American book or movie shows school bullies?
They even look the same.
People could start to think bullies must exist, which is not true.