How to lose weight.

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There is this girl society self imposed idea, they have to be skinny like some models. (Too skinny, almost scary)
And they think they can never be skinny enough. This is wrong. You should check body mass index. Calculator
Then they go on this silly diets, which make them grumpy and fatter in the long run.

If you really need to lose weight, eat regularly, but less. You can stop eating before you are completely full.
If you eat irregularly, you will eat more. Because you skip meals, you will want to eat more. Because there is no schedule in eating, your body will think there is not enough food, an it will start accumulating supplies from what you eat. Fat.

If you eat regularly, your body will not need to make supplies.
Sugar. Do not consume it. Mass produced candies have a lot of sugar. Energy drinks also. Sweetened drinks like coca cola also.
Walk, move, dance, run, have sex :). All those activities waste calories.
Two times a week, 15 min exercise can be very useful. If you do it regularly. Do not drive 100 meters distance. Walk.
When you were kid, you walked everywhere.