We have the ability to heal ourselves

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Western medicine deals with the consequences, not the source of the problem/illness. Solve the source, not only the consequence. The cause of the event. Otherwise, the consequence will occur again.

Why do so many people get ill? There must be something really wrong in the way we live?
Perhaps we should all change the what we eat? Or we should all drink water from the springs?
Or we should exercise more? Or spend more time in the nature, or with animals. Or we should not worry/stress so much?

We have the ability to heal ourselves, without the pills. That power is within us. With-in.
God gave us ability to heal ourselves.

Using our mind. Steady.
Change the energy which will change matter. Matter is an energy condensed, slowed down.

Why would you want to be ill?
Why would anyone want to create illness and not joy? Why?
Why not create joy instead?

Love yourself, and your body will love you too.

But, if we work against our bodies by belittling, criticizing, and devaluing ourselves, our bodies obey our strongest commands. When strong negative emotions accompany specific beliefs, the relayed commands can create illness. Again, we create our reality, including our health or lack of it. We must take personal responsibility and heal ourselves.

Interview with Barbara Marciniak

How can anyone be ill on such a wonderful day? The sun is shining...