You create reality with our thoughts

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Do things happen because you wanted them in our life, or because you saw them in the future?
Do they come to us, or do you come to them?

Remember when you were kid, and you thought, if only you could have this. Or that. And some time later you usually would get that.

You will them into our life.

Mind is energy. Use it.

You create reality with our thoughts. With your mind.
Like a tapestry you weave.


Create reality in the morning, for the rest of the day. Mediate.
Thoughts create reality. Select what reality will be created this day.

You can change tune/station on the radio if you do not like it.
You can change song you are listening if you do not like it.
You choose what you want to receive, which station, what information, which frequency :)
Don't listen to people who say their truth is the only one correct.

Why would it be impossible to change the reality if you do not like it?
All it takes is a will to change. An intent.
And you are there. :)

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We create reality with our thoughts