Speed up and slow down time

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Speed up and slow down time when you need it. It's like winding of the clock. You can later let it unwind.
When you are late slow it down. Let it unwind later when you have more freee time.
When you have to wait for someone or something, speed it up.

Maybe the time does pass faster when you are excited?
Or when you are having fun.
So you could speed up time, by having fun, or telling yourself you do.
And slow it down, it by not having fun :).

But it would only be subjective.
But what if time is only subjective, not objective? :)

(Perhaps we can not influence time, only our perception of time, or lack thereof.)

If we consider light trapped, slowed down = matter.
Can time be slowed down too?

partly form sf story with robots, having time some sort of time slowing device.